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Spark Ventures Gift: Teacher’s Salary for 6 Months



The educators at our social-impact partners in Zambia, Nicaragua and Mexico are on the front lines of the fight against poverty and the mission to empower future leaders. Help support them in their dedication to the children they serve. These incredible staff members leverage limited resources to create exciting learning environments and foster a love of learning in students whose education will mean the difference between a life of struggle and one of success. Your gift can fund six months of an educator’s salary.


Make a gift in honor of anyone. We will send you a gift certificate you can share directly with your recipient.



With a Spark Ventures gift, you can give in honor of friends and family while ensuring your gift will make a powerful impact on the communities we serve around the world. Through Spark Ventures’ strategic approach to philanthropy, your gift will be put to work addressing critical community needs in Chicago, Zambia, Nicaragua and Mexico. Help us empower future leaders.